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    Who are we?

    A complete hygiene cleaning solution without any of the nasty stuff

    ozoklenz is an ozone cleaning system. That’s to say ozoklenz harnesses the power of Earth’s elements to help clean up our world naturally.

    The ozoklenz wall-mounted ozone cleaning machine produces aqueous ozone – a powerful natural oxidising agent. It does this by applying a high voltage to oxygen to create ozone then injecting it into mains water to produce aqueous ozone.

    The resulting ozoklenz solution – the aqueous ozone – kills viruses, germs, bacteria, and a host of other contaminants, on contact. It’s stronger than bleach but is planet- friendly, safe and wholly sustainable.

    Greater Productivity

    It’s a fact that workplaces, who use green cleaning companies, have a happier workforce. Studies have shown that employees within workspaces sanitised and deodorised with green sanitisation solutions, are up to 61% more productive.

    Improved Air Quality

    Our ozone cleaning solution is low allergenic, non-toxic and biodegradable keeping the air you breathe pure and chemical-free. Government reports show chemicals found in traditional cleaning products can cause health issues from skin rashes to cancer.

    Reduced Sick Leave

    One of the biggest benefits of using green cleaning products – and our ozone cleaning machine – is a healthier workforce. Exposure to some traditional cleaning chemicals has proven to be detrimental to human health. We don’t want that.

    Control Costs

    By implementing an ozone cleaning system, you’ll control your costs. Our ozone cleaning products eliminates the need for expensive chemical cleaners. There are no ongoing costs associated with producing aqueous ozone and no replacement cartridges needed.

    our promise

    We make sure our bubbles are kind to the world we live in

    Three reasons to use ozoklenz

    The complete ozone cleaning system

    Save money, time and the planet

    ozoklenz is a cost-effective eco cleaning product

    Going green doesn’t mean sky-high cleaning costs. Quite the opposite. With ozoklenz, you can say goodbye to:

    • Stabiliser cartridges
    • Ongoing cleaning solution costs
    • Ongoing delivery miles for new supplies
    • COSHH.
    • Single-use plastics in the form of cleaning solution packaging
    • Invoices and order processing

    Helping our planet and future generations

    Every one of us needs to play our part in caring for our Earth. Even the simplest steps can have a big impact – like doing away with chemical cleaning solutions and choosing our ozone cleaning system instead. Traditional products drain damaging chemicals into our waterways, which pollutes our soil, threatens our wildlife and impacts on our delicate ecosystem. Swapping to ozoklenz’s ozone cleaning system will immediately stop harmful chemicals being washed down drains, resulting in a long-term positive effect on our environment.

    Our Mission

    Our clients – like our planet – are at the heart of everything we do. We want to help you adopt our eco-friendly ozone cleaning system because your workplace is worth it. Together we can live happier and healthier and help combat climate change.

    Our Values

    We respect our planet and we respect humankind. Pioneering a greener way to clean, eradicating chemicals from our waters, eliminating dangerous toxins from the air we breathe – that’s what we’re about. We want to protect the world and future generations.


    Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – it’s a term you’ll be hearing more and more. Basically, it means we have to go way further than simply recycling our paper and coffee cups to look after our Earth. Don’t worry, we’re on it. And we’re here to help you.

    We’d love to hear from you

    Switching from traditional chemical products to ozoklenz’s ozone cleaning machine and ozone cleaning products couldn’t be easier. Our team’s on hand to talk you through the process and will offer a bespoke approach to your company’s needs. Get in touch with us today for a free and friendly no-obligation consultation. Just fill out the form below.

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