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We care about bubble earth... So we make sure there’s no chemicals in our hygiene bubbles

We are excited to bring you a new natural, chemical free cleaning solution developed by an expert team, building on over 40 years experience in the commercial cleaning sector.

With our clients under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, ozoklenz is designed to help you to do just that! We work with a wide range of companies across a number of sectors including business, education, health, sports and food manufacturing. ozoklenz is a powerful cleaner which works to help protect our delicate eco-system.



Getting back to work post-Covid there has never been a bigger emphasis on health and safety. Ozoklenz is a simple way to eradicate nasty viruses and keep germs at bay. Keeping chemicals out of offices has been seen to have endless health benefits and has been proven to reduce levels of employee sick leave while increasing productivity. Make the switch today and your employees will thank you!

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Supporting you to help make a difference to the companies you work with, ozoklenz offers a chemical-free cleaning system that will enhance the health of employees while protecting the environment. Not only is it a powerful cleaner but it will wipe out germs and viruses on contact, reducing sick leave levels and enhancing overall productivity. Workforces will thank you for making the switch!



We have a proud tradition of working with schools, colleges and Universities and we can think of no better environment to keep safe and free of chemicals. Ozoklenz kills viruses on contact promoting a healthy space for students and staff. We think young people will love the idea that their place of learning is taking steps to protect the planet, after all it is for their future that these small moves will make such a big difference!



We’ve 40 years experience working in the corporate world so we know what makes you tick. Today everyone is feeling the pressure to improve their Environmental Corporate Responsibility through their business processes. You can reduce your carbon footprint in an instant by swapping chemical cleaners for our cost-effective eco-friendly ozoklenz.

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No Chemicals
Total Hygiene

Harnessing the power of the natural Ozone, the world’s strongest oxidising agent, our unique cleaning solution is kind to both people and the planet.


Chemical Reduction

We don’t use ANY chemicals so you won’t have any nasty toxins floating about in the air you breathe or lingering on work surfaces.


Effective Hygiene

ozoklenz is 30 times more powerful than bleach but works 3,000 times faster – all without the chemical ‘nasties’!

Five Reasons

ozoklenz Sustainable
Hygiene Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of chemical free cleaning is a healthier workforce. Exposure to some traditional cleaning chemicals has been shown to be detrimental to human health. ozoklenz replaces bad bacteria with beneficial good microbes which take away any nasty irritants in the air. This chemical-free atmosphere also deodorises the space so you no longer have the lingering smells and fumes associated with bleach and other industrial strength cleaning

Going green will not just help save the planet but save you money! Unlike other Aqueous Ozone systems, ozoklenz eliminates the ongoing costs associated with stabilising products as there are no replacement cartridges needed. The Unit runs continuously – unlike other systems where supply stops if the filter cartridge runs out. To keep the air intake to its optimum we recommend the air filter is replaced which we will arrange with you on install. You will also enjoy the benefits of no plastic packaging or storage requirements. Our cleaning solution can be easily dispensed into a bucket, machine or trigger bottle.

In 2021, every successful company has realised that working cleaner AND greener is good for business. We’ve made it easy for facility management teams to make the switch today. While being kind to the environment, ozoklenz has been specially formulated to pack a punch for all your industrial cleaning needs.

Every one of us needs to play our part to help protect the planet for future generations. Even the simplest steps can have a big impact. Traditional cleaning products drain damaging chemicals into our waterways, impacting on our delicate ecosystem, polluting soil and threatening our wildlife. It is a frightening fact but with a simple solution. Swapping to ozoklenz will put an immediate stop to the pollution being washed down our drains.

Our Team

We Are An
Amazing Team

We are proud of what we do which makes us committed to each and every one of our customers. Our friendly consultants are ready to help you to make the switch to a more eco-friendly way of working. Our team is just a phone call away and will visit your premises to talk you through our unique system in person.

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