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Ozoklenz is a chemical-free cleaning solution which comes in a convenient single wall mounted unit which is easy to fit to the wall of your cleaning cupboard. The powerful cleaning solution is dispensed straight into a trigger bottle, 5ltr container or mop bucket all ready for you to clean.

Ozone is produced naturally during thunderstorms. We replicate lightning in our unique ozoklenz unit. Air is passed through a drying chamber and high voltage is applied to the oxygen (O2) creating a reaction that produces ozone gas. This gas is injected into mains water making Aqueous Ozone which is then dispensed into your spray bottle, mop bucket or cleaning equipment. We are harnessing the natural power of the ozone to protect the ozone. It really is that simple!

It is more powerful than bleach and will oxidise immediately on contact. It is effective against bacteria, moulds, viruses, and is also a powerful deodoriser. It is an effective substitute for most, if not all, traditional cleaning products, including floor, surface and toilet cleaners.

By completely eradicating the need to use chemical cleaners you will no longer be washing harmful toxins into our waterways. This pollution is very damaging to our delicate ecosystem and contributes to soil contamination, inevitably impacting on wildlife. ozoklenz also reduces your consumption of single-use plastics as you can reuse your plastic trigger bottles.

ozoklenz can be used anywhere and its green credentials and health benefits have made it a popular choice across education, offices, warehouses, leisure centres, health centres, in fact all industries are feeling the benefits!

We know how important it is to keep business costs to a minimum which is why ozoklenz will not have a big impact on your balance sheet. By replacing the wide range of chemical cleaners you usually buy with one handy product you will actually be saving money. Our team is just a phone call away and will talk you through usage and costs for your company.

We deliver and service to all mainland UK. If you would like to book a free, no-obligation consultation please contact us today.


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