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Ozoklenz is a chemical-free cleaning solution which comes in a convenient single wall mounted unit which is easy to fit to the wall of your cleaning cupboard. The powerful cleaning solution is dispensed straight into a trigger bottle, 5ltr container or mop bucket all ready for you to clean.

Ozone is produced naturally during thunderstorms. We replicate lightning in our unique ozoklenz unit. Air is passed through a drying chamber and high voltage is applied to the oxygen (O2) creating a reaction that produces ozone gas. This gas is injected into mains water making Aqueous Ozone which is then dispensed into your spray bottle, mop bucket or cleaning equipment. We are harnessing the natural power of the ozone to protect the ozone. It really is that simple!

Ozone, (O³) is a highly reactive gas composed of three oxygen atoms instead of the standard two atoms within each molecule. It appears in the form of a light blue gas, with a distinctive fresh smell. Unlike traditional cleaning chemicals, aqueous ozone is entirely chemical-free, making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for facilities management cleaning. 

After approximately four hours, ozone naturally reverts to its original forms – water and oxygen. This means that aqueous ozone leaves no residue, eliminating the need for rinsing. You can safely dispose of the remaining solution down the sink, knowing that it has no harmful impact on the environment. 

Aqueous ozone is typically generated using specialized equipment called ozone generators. The production process involves several steps: 

  1. Air is passed through a drying chamber: Air is first dried to remove moisture, ensuring the purity of the ozone production process.
  2. High-voltage energy is applied to oxygen (O2): Oxygen molecules (O2) are split into individual oxygen atoms using electrical energy.
  3. Ozone gas is produced (O3): These oxygen atoms then combine to form ozone molecules (O3), which are highly reactive.
  4. The gas is injected into mains water to make aqueous ozone: The ozone gas is introduced into water, creating aqueous ozone, a solution ready for cleaning. 

It is more powerful than bleach and will oxidise immediately on contact. It is effective against bacteria, moulds, viruses, and is also a powerful deodoriser. It is an effective substitute for most, if not all, traditional cleaning products, including floor, surface and toilet cleaners.

By completely eradicating the need to use chemical cleaners you will no longer be washing harmful toxins into our waterways. This pollution is very damaging to our delicate ecosystem and contributes to soil contamination, inevitably impacting on wildlife. ozoklenz also reduces your consumption of single-use plastics as you can reuse your plastic trigger bottles.

ozoklenz can be used anywhere and its green credentials and health benefits have made it a popular choice across education, offices, warehouses, leisure centres, health centres, in fact all industries are feeling the benefits!

We know how important it is to keep business costs to a minimum which is why ozoklenz will not have a big impact on your balance sheet. By replacing the wide range of chemical cleaners you usually buy with one handy product you will actually be saving money. Our team is just a phone call away and will talk you through usage and costs for your company.

We deliver and service to all mainland UK. If you would like to book a free, no-obligation consultation please contact us today.

During thunderstorms, ozone is created to oxidise the air and is formed through the discharge of lightning during and after the thunderstorm. That is where the sharp, fresh smell comes from after a storm. Traditional cleaners have a scent as they have been introduced to harmful chemicals, whereas Aqueous Ozone does not have a scent.  

Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent, meaning it can readily remove electrons from other atoms and molecules. When aqueous ozone comes into contact with contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, or mould, it oxidizes them, breaking down their cell walls and rendering them inactive. 

 The additional oxygen molecule in ozone (O3) is highly unstable and seeks to return to its natural state. Consequently, it is attracted to organic materials like bacteria and viruses. Aqueous ozone attacks the cell walls of these microorganisms until they are fully destroyed and unable to regrow or mutate. 

Cleaning Benefits: 

  • Effectiveness: It kills a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and mould, providing a thorough clean and disinfection. 
  • Odour Removal: Aqueous ozone effectively eliminates odours by oxidizing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 
  • Residue-Free: Unlike traditional chemical cleaners, it leaves no residue behind on surfaces 


Environmental Benefits: 

  • Chemical-Free: Aqueous ozone is entirely chemical-free, reducing the environmental impact of cleaning. 
  • Biodegradable: It naturally breaks down into water and oxygen, posing no harm to the environment. 
  • Reduction in CO2 Emissions: Fewer chemical deliveries mean reduced carbon emissions from delivery vehicles. 


Cost Effectiveness: 

  • No Stabilizer Cartridges Required: Aqueous ozone units can run continuously without the need for stabilizer cartridges. 
  • Reduces Chemical Costs: By eliminating the need for multiple cleaning chemicals, it can free up space in cleaning cupboards by up to 20%. 
  • Less Paper Usage: Reduced reliance on chemical cleaners leads to fewer COSHH files and less paper usage. 


Safe for People and Animals: 

  • Non-Toxic: Aqueous ozone is non-toxic and safe for use around people and animals. 
  • No Harmful Residue: It leaves no harmful residues, making cleaning safer for everyone involved. 
  • No COSHH Required: Eliminating the need for chemical cleaning products reduces the need for COSHH training and paperwork. 

This usually indicates that the chemicals being broken down by the Aqueous Ozone are being reduced within the cleaning process. The Aqueous Ozone will break down the layers of the chemicals until it reaches the natural surface. It is recommended that Aqueous Ozone is the only solution used to reach optimal results.

No, the beauty of Ozoklenz is all products are reusable and recyclable in order to eliminate the use of single use plastics, therefore you do not need to repurchase spray bottles.

The ozoklenz unit simply requires cold water supply and a standard single plug socket which will provide an endless supply of cleaning solution for all your cleaning needs. 

Ozoklenz is designed to significantly reduce the need for cleaning chemicals, eliminating between 70-90% of the chemicals typically used on site.

Yes 100%, there are no harmful chemicals to damage the machine as it is simply made from oxygen and water, earth’s two most natural ingredients.

We suggest a site survey from one of our skilled team members here at ozoklenz in order to fully understand your cleaning needs. Get in touch to book a consultation today! 

As there are very few moving parts in the and no use of additives or cartridges in the ozoklenz unit, maintenance is limited. 


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