Ever looked at your bottle of bleach and wondered what harm it actually does to the world?  The use of Sodium Hypochlorite (the main ingredient in bleach products) can lead to the release of chlorinated organic compounds. Doesn’t sound very planet-friendly, right? As well as being carcinogenic, once they enter our waterways they can be really harmful to aquatic life, and are easily transferred down the food chain.  So what’s the answer?  Remarkably, the solution is actually found in the very air that we breathe.  When lightning strikes, the electrical charges split the bonds between the nitrogen and oxygen atoms, and when they cool some of the O atoms can join up with the O2 atoms, creating O3, or ozone.

Now, you can harness the power of natural Ozone, the world’s strongest oxidising agent, a unique cleaning solution that’s both people and planet-friendly..

We replicate lightning in our unique Ozoklenz unit. Air is passed through a drying chamber and high voltage is applied to the oxygen (O2) creating a reaction that produces ozone gas.

This gas is injected into mains water making Aqueous Ozone which is then dispensed into your spray bottle, mop bucket or cleaning equipment.

We are harnessing the natural power of the ozone to protect the ozone. It really is that simple!