How natural cleaning improves workplace performance!

How Natural cleaning improves workplace performance!

See productivity rise and sick days plummet when you switch to eco-friendly cleaning! It is now widely accepted that green cleaning in the workplace not only helps protect the environment but leads to a healthier, happier and even more productive workforce! Everything from mental wellbeing to better physical health and improved performance is believed to be linked to removing nasty toxins from offices and commercial buildings. Here are just some good reasons why staff will thank you for making the switch to the more natural ingredients in ozoklenz.

Health Benefits of Natural Cleaning in the Workplace Mental Wellbeing

Yes, it does say mental wellbeing! Green cleaning products have been shown to enhance how happy your staff is at work.  People feel better knowing they are no longer being exposed to toxins on workspaces, bathrooms, meeting rooms, and office kitchens. Peace of mind makes for a happier team!

Allergy Free

Symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, and headaches will dramatically reduce when you stop using toxic cleaning chemicals. Eco-friendly alternatives such as ozoklenz are hypo-allergenic so you don’t get toxins trapped in the air or left behind on surfaces.

Conclusion: Natural Cleaning Improves Workplace Performance

The health and hygiene of employees should be a priority for every company. A simple switch to green cleaning products such as ozoklenz will create an environment for a happy, healthy and more productive workforce! And don’t forget it is kinder to the planet! Make the switch today with our free, no-obligation consultation (link to contact)

Respiratory Benefits

Often symptoms of lung conditions such as asthma can be aggravated by residue from chemical cleaners left in the atmosphere. Cleaner air will reduce this and help people with lung conditions breathe more easily.

Increased productivity

Research has shown that improving air quality can also substantially improve staff productivity. In fact, some studies suggest that those working in less polluted offices have significantly higher cognitive function. Also, most people don’t realize that sickness in the workplace can be

caused by toxins in the air. It falls to reason that if these harmful chemicals are removed, then so are the risks of people getting ill. Sick days saved alone will help increase your productivity.  

Control your costs

And what’s more, it will save you money! Greener doesn’t mean more expensive! The powerful cleaning action of ozoklenz means it can be used anywhere – in bathrooms, on desks, windows, and floors. No need to buy a large range of expensive chemical cleaners as ozoklenz will do it all.

Eco-friendly hygiene

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