Affordable Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions That Are Kind To The Planet

Affordable Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions That Are Kind To The Planet

Climate change is a real issue that threatens many lives and livelihoods in the modern world. Everyone should be looking to do their bit, but more specifically, it is corporations and businesses who have the potential to make the biggest impact – positive or negative. This is why responsible, environment-minded companies are reducing their carbon footprint by switching to eco-friendly cleaning solutions

Certain companies who perhaps have not done sufficient research, feel there is a trade-off between prioritising hygiene over environmental responsibility in the workplace. These means that they are reluctant to fully transform into a truly planet-conscious work culture. There are so many so-called “solutions” on the market that are either so delicate on the environment that they fail in their primary function or are simply too expensive.

But what if you could equip your office space with a one-fits-all cleaning solution? A long-term, sustainable solution that protects the health of your colleagues and employees while also being kind to the environment.

Aqueous Ozone: The Future of Safe and Sustainable Cleaning

The Cleaning Power Of Ozone

This ozone solution, (if you will pardon the pun) lies in nature itself. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas in our planet’s stratosphere, which typically finds its way into the atmosphere when lightning strikes, charging oxygen molecules in the process.

While there is still debate around the safety and effectiveness of ozone gas in fighting indoor air pollution, liquid or aqueous ozone has a proven track record as a clean (and thoroughly green) disinfecting agent. A truly chemical-free cleaning solution, liquid ozone is still more powerful than bleach, getting the job done 3 000 times faster. Being the world’s strongest oxidising agent, it breaks down organic organisms such as bacteria, moulds, and viruses immediately, preventing these from regrowing or mutating.

Despite its ruthless effectiveness against bacteria and harsher chemicals, aqueous ozone is remarkably kinder on the skin and respiratory system compared to its more toxic counterparts. 

How Is Aqueous Ozone Made?

Put simply, liquid ozone is normal water injected with natural ozone (O3) gas. 

On second thoughts, that may be a little too simple.

Let’s unpack this process in the context of our very own Ozoklenz Aqueous Ozone Unit. Ozoklenz Units are hooked up to a building’s water system – no other mediums or additives needed. Air is passed through the unit’s drying chamber, in which a high voltage is put through the oxygen (O2), thereby creating ozone (O3) gas. This gas is then injected into the mains water that can go on to be decanted into buckets, spray bottles, and steam cleaners. 

And there you have it: the freshly made, clean and green sanitising machine that is Aqueous Ozone!

What Makes Ozoklenz Cleaning Products Especially Effective?

Instead of having to mix a daily frothing bucket of assorted chemical cleaners, a single Ozoklenz unit is all you’ll ever need. No added chemicals that could damage cleaning equipment or producing large amounts of plastic waste in the form of empty product containers.

Rather than washing chemicals down the sink and polluting ecosystems via the waterways, discarded ozone water simply returns to its natural state of water without leaving harmful residues. 

The proven effectiveness of liquid ozone’s disinfectant properties means that your colleagues are less likely to experience allergic reactions are catch whatever tummy bug is going around the office – fewer sick days, greater productivity!

Interested? Speak to our friendly consultants about presenting how simply yet effectively our green cleaning solution can be used in your workplace. Book a free consultation today.

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