Did You Have A Plastic Free July?

Did You Have A Plastic Free July?

Last month we celebrated #PlasticFreeJuly – a new global movement to reduce plastic waste.

As you can probably imagine, single use plastic is one of our bugbears – which is why we’re super-committed to reusing plastic bottles during our cleaning process. A whopping 100 trigger bottles are typically used by any one company in its cleaning regime, every month, after. Pretty rubbish, right?

We're About Scrapping The Plastic

Good news is, the ozoklenz wall-mounted unit reduces the use of single-use plastic bottles. 

So, how does it work? Are you ready for the science bit? Because it’s pretty cool!Our cool piece of kit produces *aqueous ozone*, which is totally free of chemicals for a super-green clean.

Aqueous Ozone, You Say?

It might sound fresh and new but aqueous ozone has actually been around a long time. Ozone is produced naturally when lightning strikes, and our unit replicates the process of lightning to produce ozoklenz.

OZOKLENZ Replicates Thunder & Lighting


1. Air is passed through a drying chamber
2. High-voltage energy is applied to oxygen (O2)
3. Ozone gas is produced (O3)
4. The gas is injected into mains water to make aqueous ozone
5. Aqueous ozone is dispensed from the ozoklenz unit straight into your spray bottle or mop bucket (insert your own cleaning equipment here!)

After that, the aqueous ozone – which is naturally attracted to organic organisms, such as bacteria and viruses – attacks the cell wall of the organism until it’s fully destroyed and unable to regrow or mutate. 

Cleaning That's Kind To The Planet

Four hours later, the ozone returns to water and oxygen and leaves no residue so there’s no need to rinse. You can simply pour the solution down the sink, safe in the knowledge it’s not having a harmful impact on the environment.

We're Stopping Around 1,000 Plastic Bottles, Per Customer, Per Year In Their Tracks!

With the ozoklenz unit, you’ll be saving around 1,200 plastic bottles from being dumped into landfill every year.

That’s enough energy to light up 1,200 light bulbs for 3 hours or more.

That's Just One Of The Ways We're Shining A Light On Waste

We’re also committed to cutting down on deliveries. Here’s the thing, cleaning chemicals are typically delivered on site every two weeks, which amounts to around 0.023t of harmful CO2 emissions. We wanted to put a stop to that kind of malarkey. Because ozoklenz doesn’t require the same amount of deliveries, you’ll be saving 0.552t of CO2 going into our atmosphere, over the course of 12 months.

Eco-warriors, together! How did you reduce your plastic use this July?

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