5 Brilliant books on living sustainably

5 Brilliant books on living sustainably

6 September marked #NationalReadABookDay – which is the perfect opportunity for us to share five of our favourite books on living sustainably with you.

These 5 books don’t just help us live a greener lifestyle when it comes to food, fashion and doing more to save our planet – they’re a really good read, too. You’ll race through them!

In no, particular order, they are:

The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide, Jen Gale

Author Jen Gale spent a year buying nothing new and recorded it all in here. This book is also stuffed with loads of easy tips for living more sustainably.

How to Break Up with Fast Fashion, Lauren Bravo

It’s easy to be lured into buying cheap fashionable clothes, but this book offers an alternative and makes you feel happy to pull on your old newly-patched-up jeans again!

Turning the Tide on Plastic, Lucy Siegle

Cutting down on single-use plastic is an issue very close to our hearts (our cleaning solution helps businesses cut down on up to 1,200 plastic cleaning bottles being dumped in landfill each year). Author Lucy champions the Reduce, Rethink, Refill, Reuse approach to plastic – and we’re here for it!

No One is Too Small to Make a Difference, Greta Thunberg

Tiny book. Hugely inspiring. We’re big fans of Greta and you can’t help but feel inspired after reading this.

Vegan(ish), Jack Monroe

We love eco books with an (ish) in the title as it tells us every little change we make is a good thing. We’re not all full-time vegans at ozoklenz but we do our best to cut out the animal products as much as we can. It’s easy when the food is this tasty. And cheap!

Helping our planet can sometimes feel like an insurmountably huge task, we get it. So, we just bear Greta’s words in mind and tell ourselves: doing something, no matter how small, is better than doing nothing and can sometimes lead to big changes.

Do you have any favourite books on leading a greener lifestyle? 

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