Say Hello To Your New Chemical-Free Super Steriliser

Say Hello To Your New Chemical-Free Super Steriliser

We live in a world where antibac’d EVERYTHING is the new normal – and there’s a chemical to zap every germ and bug known to humankind.

In light of Covid, the main priority for us as business owners and facilities managers is to eliminate bugs, germs and viruses from the workplace at any cost.

But as we all know, chemicals aren’t great for our planet, our fragile eco-system – or us humans. And chemicals generally come in single-use plastic bottles, which are also very Earth-Unfriendly.

So, what if there was a safer, healthier, chemical-free cleaning way of zapping all those bugs, germs and virus (that also happened to cut down on single-use plastic bottles)?

Well, there is – and it’s called aqueous ozone.

Earth-Kind Super-Bug Zapping Is Here For he Taking

Aqueous ozone, which is water infused with ozone, is the sole ingredient of our pioneering new industrial cleaning product, ozoklenz.

What is ozone? Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive gas composed of three oxygen atoms and when mixed with water is a solution that can eliminate just about any pathogen on the planet by oxidising the cell wall and eliminating the ability for pathogens to develop resistance. Which is also super important in our collective fight against drug-resistant super bugs.

A good way to understand the full power of aqueous ozone is to compare it to bleach. 

Ozone oxidises or kills pathogens about 3000 times faster than bleach and is about 3 times more powerful. 

When aqueous ozone is applied as a steriliser it will eliminate 99.9% of pathogens in as little as 30 seconds.

Ozone is in fact the safest and healthiest way we sterilise water around the world.

Why Aren’t More Companies Using It?

Because traditionally aqueous ozone was tricky to produce quickly and had a short bucket life. 

But that was then. 

Technology has improved and we’ve harnessed it to create our ozoklenz wall-mounted unit which produces ozone, which is then injected into your water mains, to make high-concentrate aqueous ozone on demand. You can then pour it straight into your bucket or spray bottle!

And once you’re done cleaning? After 3 or 4 hours, the ozone in the water turns back into oxygen and all that’s left is pure water. Chemical-free water which can be poured down sinks and drains guilt-free.

Along with saving companies time and money, aqueous ozone cuts down on a company’s use of single-use plastic trigger bottles by up to 1,200 per year. It also helps company’s cut down on their CO2 emissions – because it’s produced onsite there’s no need for regular chemical cleaning product deliveries.

Want To Find Out More?

Our friendly team want to spread the word (and spread the love to our planet) so will come to your workplace to give you a free demo of ozoklenz and talk you through all the brilliant ways it will not only eliminate bugs and viruses on impact – but how this has the added knock-on effect of boosting workplace health and wellbeing.

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