The Financial Advantages of Chemical-Free Cleaning for Commercial Facilities

In this blog, we will be exploring Financial Advantages of Chemical-Free Cleaning for facilities management teams. The chemical free concept supports clients achieve their standards of impeccable cleanliness whilst contributing to prudent financial management.

1. Eliminating Usage of Traditional Cleaners:

The main advantage of adopting chemical-free cleaning practices in commercial settings lies in the financial relief it brings. Traditional cleaning products, typically utilised in large quantities on large commercial sites, can significantly strain the budget. However, picture a scenario where an array of specialised cleaners is unnecessary. Chemical-free alternatives not only exemplify environmental consciousness but also present a judicious fiscal choice.

Chemical free cleaning will liberate your procurement department from the relentless requirement cleaning chemicals and give them an all-in-one solution. Chemical-free cleaning not only elevates the standard of cleanliness within your commercial facility but concurrently promotes fiscal prudence.

2. A Reduction in Sick Days:

Sick rates last year (2023) soared to a 10-year high, with 7.8 days of sick leave on average being taken per person. Well-being of the occupants within your commercial facility and those who pass through it is a huge concern if you’re a building owner or occupier. While traditional cleaning agents may pledge a sterile environment, they often incur a covert cost – the health of the individuals inhabiting the space. Many conventional cleaning solutions contain abrasive chemicals capable of inducing eye, skin, and respiratory irritations.

This is where the advantage of chemical-free cleaning comes in, serving as the paragon of indoor air quality. By removing deleterious chemicals, you cultivate a healthier workspace, resulting in diminished sick leave and heightened productivity. A cogent equation emerges: The well-being of your workforce correlates positively with the prosperity of your commercial entity. Elevate the health quotient, witness a surge in productivity, and experience the corresponding financial dividends.

3. Prolonged Equipment Longevity:

Consider the adversarial relationship between certain cleaning chemicals and your commercial facility’s equipment. From surface corrosion to premature wear and tear on machinery, traditional cleaning agents exhibit a penchant for unwarranted aggression.

Chemical-free alternatives are much gentler towards surfaces and equipment, affording them an extended lifespan and sparing you of frequent replacements. Your floors, countertops, and machinery will reap the benefits, while your maintenance budget will benefit from protracted equipment longevity.

In summary, chemical-free cleaning transcends its status as an industry leading, environmentally conscious choice. It is a judicious, fiscally responsible decision that is revolutionising the maintenance paradigm of commercial facilities and offices. Say goodbye to unnecessary spending on commercial-grade cleaning products, embrace a health-centric work environment, and improve the maintenance and shelf-life of your equipment.

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